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Microblading is a relatively new manual technique considered to be permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoo, also known as eyebrow embroidery, micro-stroking or 3D brows. This procedure allows the artist to enhance the appearance of your brows, or to fully create a new shape, by manually placing pigments in the upper layers of the skin in the form of hair like strokes that can hardly be distinguished from real hair, providing an incredibly natural look.



Is a technique that involves a combination of microblading and brow shading together.This technique creates more dense, fuller looking brows that appear to be powdered, but with hair strokes (microblading).PhiFusion is great for:

  • Clients who have alopecia 
  • Clients that have very thin brows or very little eyebrow hair 
  • Clients with Oily Skin 
  • Clients who have inconsistent distribution of hair throughout their brows (such as a dense amount of hair at the head of the brow, but little hair at the tail of the brow) 


Glambrows Beauty Studio & Academy offers high quality permanent makeup services, and provides professional training for students that are seeking to start a successful career in micropigmentation. Our founder, Patricia Reed, is a licensed artist with extensive experience in Micropigmentation, her passion to put smiles in people’s faces through beauty, has led us to always seek excellence to exceed the expectations of our clients and students. 

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